Karen Topper, Administrative Director

Karen Topper, Statewide Coordinator


Karen Topper is the Administrative Director for Green Mountain Self-Advocates. She manages the GMSA office, supervising employees, training persons with developmental disabilities in techniques of self-advocacy, and program development work. Topper is the co-author of Sexuality Education for Adults with Developmental Disabilities, a curriculum designed for self-advocates and allies to teach a sexuality education series together as a team. She has been working with people with disabilities for the past 40 years. She has created individualized supports for people moving out of institutions in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Topper has extensive experience in developing curriculums for self-advocates, providers and families on: Independent Living, Abuse Prevention, Supportive Decision-Making and Sexuality Education. Topper has been an ally of the self-determination, disability rights and self-advocacy movements since the early 90’s.


Contact Information:

topper @ gmsavt.org

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