Work with Schools

Max Champlain Elementary School

GMSA does a lot of disability awareness presentation at local schools. It is important for GMSA to educate elementary and high school kids about with and without disabilities because it will go a long ways towards curing prejudice about us. By teaching Self-Advocacy skills and disability rights history to students with disabilities at an early age will go a long ways to creating a culture of high expectations. One of my favorite disability awareness presentations is the Reading for Inclusion program that we due at Elementary schools in Burlington.  I love reading to the students and seeing how much they appreciate having me and Max Barrows come and read to them. Promoting the Self-Advocacy movement in high school can go a long ways toward helping to ensure that the transition from school to adulthood is a successful one. Self-Advocacy is a great way for people with disabilities to develop friendship with their peers. It is a place where youth learn to accept who they are and not wish that they were normal.

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