Teaching a Workshop at a Conference

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Why this challenge is important

Having self-advocates teach a workshop at the Voices and Choices conference can be really valuable to the self-advocates that present and the conference attendees that go to their workshop. There are many different workshop topics that self-advocates really engage in wanting the world to know about such as but not limited to being their own guardian, telling their stories, emergency preparedness, organizing finances, facilitated communication, and acceptance of LGBTQ people with disabilities.

A Call for Presenters!

From September 19 through September 30

GMSA will hold the 2022 Voices and Choices conference on Zoom.

The conference theme is Self-Advocacy - Together We Stand. We are not alone, we stick together. Friends helping friends to grow self-advocacy and create new connections. Respect is a cornerstone for true friendship.

There are 3 ways for self-advocates to present! All presenters are paid.

#1. Teach a 1-hour workshop - Click here to apply to teach a workshop

#2. Do a 10-minute talk on a topic you know a lot about. Be part of our human library. This is like a “Ted Talk” with time for people to ask you questions. Click here to apply to do a short talk

#3. Be one of our Keynote Speakers. Share a story about when you spoke up for yourself in a personal way when it was hard to do so. Explain how belonging to your local group and Green Mountain Self-advocates has made a difference in your life. Click here to apply to be a Keynote Speaker

A Call for Presenters!

On April 25 - 26, 2023 we will hold our conference in Burlington at the DoubleTree by Hilton.

The conference planning committee looks for workshops that:

  • Include at least one person with a disability as a lead presenter
  • Are interactive (5 minutes of talking maximum before involving the audience in some way)
  • Use humor, music, role plays, small group work, games, activities,
  • Move at a good pace (not fast) give enough time for all to understand
  • Consider including pictures, videos, handouts
  • Are on a wide variety of topics

Who can present?

Preference will be given to workshops taught by people with disabilities. Support can be given by others, but self-advocates must be the lead presenters. Self-Advocates who are presenting are eligible for a scholarship (only 3 scholarships per workshop). First time presenters will be asked to share all of their presentation materials with GMSA staff ahead of time so we can assist you as needed.

How long should each workshop be?

Each workshop must be 1 hour and 15 minutes long.  Be sure and give time for people to ask questions and discussion! Let us know if you want to present in the morning or afternoon or both times.

What audiovisual aids will be provided?  You can request flip charts, markers, and/or LCD projector (we have a few of these). There are a few laptops available.