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GMSA is a strong organization because it is run by and for self-advocates. We have created resources and training materials that should only be presented by people with developmental disabilities. We encourage staff, teachers, parents, and allies to support self-advocates in teaching this material. However, our resources and trainings cannot be presented or used without self-advocates leading the way. If you have questions, contact us! We are happy to help you learn how to support people with developmental disabilities to use these resources.

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Getting Rid of Your SSI Payee

A payee is a person or organization who gets your monthly social security or SSI check. They are responsible to pay your bills and help you buy things. Max Barrows, Outreach Director of Green Mountain Self-Advocates, interviews Lehana Guyettte from…

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Santa Fin – The Story of a Self-Advocate Who is a Professional Santa Claus

This self-advocacy resource is a video. Finbar Ciappara is a young man who uses an iPad to communicate. For years he had a dream to be Santa Claus. This is his story of how that dream came true with the…

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Voting 2022

Everyone needs to make a plan to vote. This resource will describe ways you can find out if you are registered. This year all registered voters got a ballot in the mail. This guide will suggest ways you can find…

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How Self Advocates Can Welcome People From All Backgrounds

This video is about respect. We want people with disabilities to know that they belong to self-advocacy no matter who they are. We need to look at how we are welcoming people from all backgrounds and who speak any language.…

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Residential Service Options in Vermont – 2022

GMSA collaborated with DDSD to create slides/handouts describing in plain language residential supports provided to Vermonters with developmental disabilities to live in their communities. Click here to review this information.

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Earn Money By Doing Plain Language Projects

Learn how your self-advocacy group can make money with your knowledge of Easy Read and plain language formats! This resource how to make money through focus groups, translation, and writing.  

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HCBS Settings Rule

A few years ago, ASAN created a 36 pages toolkit focused on how the Home and Community-Based Services Settings Rule helps us live in the community. Community living means being able to live near people with and without disabilities, in…

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Dealing with a loss is hard. People with disabilities can be left out of the picture. Often people think we can’t handle the deep emotions when someone dies. Here is an important opportunity to come up with ways our self-advocacy…

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Roe v. Wade

What is Roe v. Wade? What does it mean if the US Supreme Court overturns this decision? How will this change the way we get healthcare? The goal of this session is to present the facts in plain language. This…

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Is Your Love Life in Jeopardy?

This activity helps people learn more about relationships in a fun and carefree spirit – by playing Jeopardy! Participants will answer questions from categories like: “Marry, Date or Dump;” and “Meet the Parents.” We shared this game with you to…

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