Self-Advocacy is:

Self-Advocacy is NOT:

People dressed in winter clothing walking next to a busy street. The person in front holds a sign that reads "We just want to be free!"

A civil rights movement for people with intellectual disabilities


A program

Hasan K 4_at DSP day 2019

People speaking up for what they think is important


People sitting around complaining

autistic man using a tablet

Something everyone is capable of


Only for people who can talk

A woman in a wedding dress touching her necklace and looking down, smiling. The photo is from behind but the woman's face is visible in a mirror.

Making your case and negotiating for what you want


Keeping everything the same

Five people around a large table talking and laughing.

Realizing you are not alone; joining a self advocacy group


Keeping to yourself

A person sitting in a wheelchair in front of an easel, painting. They are looking to the side at the camera.

Knowing your strengths, being proud and feeling strong


Putting yourself down

Someone holding a white board and marker, talking to three other people.

Taking risks, trying new things


Playing it safe, doing the same stuff

Someone holding a diploma with her other hand in a fist in excitement.

Going after your dreams


Sleeping through your dreams

An illustration of a person in a wheelchair with multicolored checkmarks surrounding them. The persons arms are raised in question.

Making decisions


Other people making decisions for you

A boy lying on his stomach in the mud. He is looking up to the side and smiling.

Making mistakes and learning from them


Not taking any chances

Three people seated in a yoga position on the grass. They are wearing masks, looking to the left, and have their hands in a mudra position

Being part of your community


Staying home

A close-up of a woman talking on the phone, with her eyes wide and mouth open.

Managing your emotions so others can hear what you have to say


Staying angry

A man holding one finger up and touching his chin with his other hand

Being curious and asking questions


Being questioned

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