How We All Make Choices

December 4, 2022
Senior friends sitting in the garden on a summers day together. They are sitting and having a laugh over a cup of tea.

Hasan Ko is a Youth Ambassador working for Green Mountain Self-Advocates. He is part of a Vermont team teaching people about supported decision making and ways to avoid guardianship. He completed a training program teaching youth about their rights and how to make decisions for themselves. Youth Ambassadors study with The Center on Youth Voice, Youth Choice a national youth resource center on alternatives to guardianship.

Hasan interviewed elders in his community. He wanted to learn how they lived their everyday lives. How they made decisions. Hasan was curious to know what kinds of regrets they have. Every person has regrets in their life based on what path they choose. We, people with disabilities, as we choose our paths, we do not want to have as many regrets.

Read Hasan’s report to find out what he learned from the elders he interviewed. 

Hasan summed up his findings in this way.  “In our lives, we always have lessons to learn. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. It will always help you to guide your life.”

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