Preparing for Emergencies

This resource explains how to discuss preparing for emergencies with your self-advocacy group Signing up for Emergency Alerts in your state Making a list of contact information to use during…

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Cooking and Gaining Independence

Kyle sitting on a stationary bike at a gym.

This resource is a blog post. Kyle Moriarty talks about how cooking has made him be more independent. He describes his history with cooking and lists his favorite meals to…

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Are You Prepared?

List of emergency supplies when you're stuck at home

This resource is a blog post. Max Barrows talks about how to prepare for an emergency as a person with Autism. He lists the disasters that happen in the U.S.…

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Independent Living

Independent Living is a goal many self-advocates work hard to achieve. This PowerPoint was made to share the story of two people who have experienced many living situations and now…

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Robin’s Employment Story

This resource is a story. It is a part of GMSA’s “Hire Up!” Training. Robin Hale talks about moving into her apartment and finding a new job. She works at…

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