GMSA Mini Grants to Revitalize Self-Advocacy

Green  Mountain Self-Advocates has a mini-grant project called Revitalizing Self-Advocacy. Revitalize means to put new life or energy into something. Our #1 goal is to get more people with developmental disabilities actively involved in self-advocacy groups. Another goal is to educate the public about self-advocacy.

The pandemic and staffing crisis have been challenging for local groups. We are inviting local GMSA groups to apply for a mini-grant. Use the money to:

  • Reconnect with people who left your group
  • Get new people to join your group
  • Spread the word about self-advocacy. What it is and why it’s important

Local GMSA groups can apply for $1,000 or $2,500 or $5,000 

You can partner with an agency, but the money goes to self-advocacy groups.

You can get support, but the project must be led by self-advocates.

We are not interested in people only using the money for a party. GMSA officers explained it this way. “The money is not for something that goes by. There has to be a product that becomes a tool for self-advocacy. You can do something festive but also teach why it is important to belong to a self-advocacy group.”

Be creative. There are many ways you can reconnect with old members and reach out to new people. Here are a few ideas:

  • Develop a presentation for case managers and support workers.
  • Make a 2-page fact sheet on why your group is important and how to join.
  • Meet with old members. Listen to and support them to come back to the group.
  • Pay a peer leader to remind people about meetings by calling and texting
  • Have an open mic for people to speak up about what is important to them
  • Create videos, social media messages, posters, or art about your group

Make materials in Plain Language and Easy Read, and in other languages spoken in your community. Do activities to share the information you’ve created.

Here is the link for our meeting

Email questions to

Applications are due by February 28, 2023

Click here for the application

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