GMSA September 15th Comments on Conflict of Interest

In 2025, you will get a new special case manager outside of your agency.
Before you get upset! Know that you can still see your service coordinator. As long as they work at your agency, you can still talk to them.
Your new special case manager will check in with you to see how things are going with your services. Their job is to ask you what you like and do not like about your services.
The state wants to make sure:
• you have choices
• you are in charge of your life
Your new case manager will help you invite anyone you want to make your ISA.

Click here to get GMSA’s Feedback on Vermont HCBS Conflict of Interest Options – 9/15/2023

Table of Contents for Feedback from Green Mountain Self-Advocates

#1 GMSA board members and staff respond to survey questions (pages 1-4)
#2 Cultural Competence Concerns from Max Barrows (pages 5-6)
#3 GMSA held 5 in-person COI focus groups with 61 members of local self-advocacy
groups from August 30th through September 14th (pages 6-10)
#4 A list of some of the CMS required Person-centered planning standards not
reflected in DDSD policy. (Pages 10-11)
#5 On September 14th, 18 people who get DS services participated in a Zoom
meeting hosted by HMA. We included a list of the counties represented (page 12)

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