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GMSA is a strong organization because it is run by and for self-advocates. We have created resources and training materials that should only be presented by people with developmental disabilities. We encourage staff, teachers, parents, and allies to support self-advocates in teaching this material. However, our resources and trainings cannot be presented or used without self-advocates leading the way. If you have questions, contact us! We are happy to help you learn how to support people with developmental disabilities to use these resources.

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Tips for Writing Your Story and Making a Newsletter

No matter who you are, you have a story worth telling. Tell people the important things you do for others. Sharing your story will help people understand the experiences of people with disabilities. Your story shows how you can accomplish…

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Video – Kaiya Andrews’ Life History

This resource is a video. This story is about Kaiya Andrews. She is a peer leader in the Self-Advocacy movement. Kaiya has had to endure numerous challenges because she does not qualify for developmental disability services. Watch this video to…

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Stay Safe and Know Your Legal Rights Training Manual

Since 1994, the year GMSA was founded, self-advocates have been speaking up about their right to live safely in their communities. Our goals include providing abuse prevention education for youth and adults with developmental disabilities, their family members, community service…

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How to use GoToMeeting

This video blog is about how to host an event over the internet using the program GoToMeeting. You will learn what equipment you need to conduct and record a meeting. You will learn how to send out a meeting announcement.…

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How To Post A Tweet On Twitter

This resource is a short video blog that describes how to post a tweet on Twitter.  

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How to Host a Webinar using GoToWebinar

This resource is a video blog on how to use GoToWebinar to run a webinar. You will learn how to schedule a webinar and how to send out information about the webinar to presenters and participants.  

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Video – The Power of Max Barrows

This resource is a video. Max Barrows shares about his life, including what high school was like and what it is like having Autism. He tells us about what it is like working at Green Mountain Self-Advocates. Max talks about…

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Video – Randy Lizotte’s Life History

This resource is a video, shown in two parts. We asked Randy to take photos and to find photos that were important to his life story. Then we had a conversation about his photos and the stories he wanted to…

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How to Host a Google Hangout

This resource is a short video about how to have a Google Hangout. This is a great way to use the internet to have meetings with up to 10 people for free.  

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A Peer to Peer Guide on Domestic and Sexual Violence

People with developmental disabilities can be more at risk for abuse for many reasons. Green Mountain Self-Advocates developed this guide to support self-advocates, staff, members, volunteers, and allies to know what domestic and sexual violence is and to know what…

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