What is Person Centered Planning?

June 2, 2021

Person-centered planning helps people talk about their dreams and goals. It helps you think about what a good life means for you. Here are resources from training facilitated by Ruthie Beckwith from Tennessee for Green Mountain Self-Advocates.

Part 1: What is Person-Centered Planning?

June 2: Week 1 – What is Person-Centered Planning?

June 9: Week 2 – How to Build a Lasting Support Circle

June 16: Week 3 – Getting Involved in Your Community

June 23: Week 4 – Reaching Your Dreams and Vision

June 30: Week 5 – Getting Ready To lead Your Meeting

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  • Homework is to make a list of people to invite to your person-centered planning meeting. Think about your dreams and goals. Pick people you know who will be excited to help you reach your dreams.

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