Training for Self-Advocates about Person-Centered Planning

Person-centered planning helps people talk about their dreams and goals. It helps you think about what a good life means for you.

In 2014, the government made a new rule. It said everyone who gets services must have a person-centered plan.  Many people are not ready to talk about what a good life means to them at their ISA meetings. It’s hard to talk about your dreams when you aren’t ready!

This training will help self-advocates:

  1. Get ready for their planning meeting
  2. Think about what a good life means for them
  3. Invite more people to come to their meeting
  4. Get ready to lead their own meeting
  5. Be a mentor for other self-advocates who want help at their meetings.

What Will This Training Be About?

This person-centered planning training will be done in three parts:

Part 1: What is Person-Centered Planning?

June 2: What is Person-Centered Planning?
June 9: How to Build a Lasting Support Circle
June 16: Getting Involved in Your Community
June 23: Reaching Your Dreams and Vision

Part 2: Self-Advocates Training: How to Lead Your Own Meeting

June 30: How to Use Your One Page Profile
July 7: Making the Invitations
July 14: Planning the Agenda
July 21: Leading the Meeting

Part 3: How to Be a Peer Mentor for Other Self-Advocates

August 4: What is a Peer Mentor?

August 19: Helping People Talk About Their Dreams

August 25: Helping People Get Ready for Their Meeting

September 1: Helping People at Their Meeting

Other Information:

  1. Trainings will happen two times on Wednesdays. In the morning 10 to Noon and at night from 5 to 7.
  2. The training will happen using Zoom.
  3. People who come to the training will have a short, easy homework assignment to do after each session. People can get help with the homework if they need it. GMSA will run a homework session to provide help with your homework. And to go over what was taught.
  4. People who want to be a peer mentor have to come to all of the training sessions.

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