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GMSA is a strong organization because it is run by and for self-advocates. We have created resources and training materials that should only be presented by people with developmental disabilities. We encourage staff, teachers, parents, and allies to support self-advocates in teaching this material. However, our resources and trainings cannot be presented or used without self-advocates leading the way. If you have questions, contact us! We are happy to help you learn how to support people with developmental disabilities to use these resources.

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Are You Prepared?

List of emergency supplies when you're stuck at home

This resource is a blog post. Max Barrows talks about how to prepare for an emergency as a person with Autism. He lists the disasters that happen in the U.S. He shares resources that help prepare persons with disabilities for…

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Video – Stimulus Checks and Representative Payees: What You Need to Know

This resource is a video. Because of the COVID-19 the government sent $1,200 to people all over the country. This money is called a Stimulus check. This video is for people with disabilities who get social security AND you have…

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Part 9: Know Your Rights: Bringing a Supporter to a Hospital or a Doctor’s Office

On June 9, 2020, the Office of Civil Rights made it clear that all people with disabilities are allowed to bring a supporter with them when in a hospital or a doctor’s office. This booklet describes how you can speak…

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Video – Know Your Rights: People with Disabilities Can Have a Supporter in the Hospital during COVID-19

This resource is a video. Because of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus there are big changes in how hospitals and doctor’s offices work. They are not letting people visit patients. On June 9, 2020, the US Office of Civil Rights made…

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Part 8: Coronavirus Plain Language Glossary or Words To Know

These are words you may be hearing or seeing due to the Coronavirus outbreak. These definitions were written by a team of self-advocates and their aspiring allies.

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Part 7: VT Developmental Services During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is changing our lives in many ways. It is changing the way people with developmental disabilities are getting services for a while. This booklet was created by Green Mountain Self-Advocates in partnership with Developmental Disabilities Services…

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Part 6: Unemployment Benefits During the Coronavirus Emergency

On March 13, 2020, President Trump declared a National Emergency concerning the Coronavirus outbreak. Then on March 27th, Congress passed the Cares Act which increased money available for unemployment benefits. People who are eligible for unemployment get an extra $600…

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Part 5: How People on SSI And SSDI Get a Stimulus Check

The Coronavirus is changing our lives in many ways for a while. In April 2020, the federal government started giving $1,200 to most adults. This money is to help people during the Coronavirus outbreak. It is called an Economic Impact…

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Part 4: COVID-19 Medical Information Form for People With Disabilities

This form helps you think about what support you need if you must stay in the hospital. Many hospitals have new rules to keep people safe during the Coronavirus outbreak. Your hospital may say you cannot have any visitors. Fill…

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Part 3: Sample Advocacy Letter About Patients with Intellectual Disabilities Having a Support Person With Them When in the Hospital

This is a letter was written by self-advocates. Many hospitals are not allowing patients to have visitors. This is because of the Coronavirus emergency. Advocates want to change that rule for patients with disabilities. Many people with disabilities need a…

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