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GMSA is a strong organization because it is run by and for self-advocates. We have created resources and training materials that should only be presented by people with developmental disabilities. We encourage staff, teachers, parents, and allies to support self-advocates in teaching this material. However, our resources and trainings cannot be presented or used without self-advocates leading the way. If you have questions, contact us! We are happy to help you learn how to support people with developmental disabilities to use these resources.

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Abby’s Employment Story

Picture of Abby bagging groceries at the grocery store.

This resource is a story. It is a part of GMSA’s “Hire Up!” Training. Abby Laframboise shares her employment history. A timeline is listed after her story. There are questions that make you think about what you can learn from…

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Love: Not Just for Some, But for Everyone!

A woman and man sitting next to each other in wheelchairs. The man has his arm around the woman and he is smiling.

This resource is a blog post. Max Barrows talks about what he learned in high school about sexuality. He compares that with a sexuality class he took later for students with disabilities. In this class, he learned that sexuality is…

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Living with Autism in the Community

This resource is a blog post. Kristofor Medina shares how it is to live with autism in the community. He shares his experience with anxiety and sensory overload. He asks that others understand that many people with autism have a…

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Being an Ally in the Self-Advocacy Movement

This resource is a PowerPoint presentation. Presenters discuss 10 tips to be a great ally to people with disabilities. They explain where allies can offer support. A resource list is included to find out more. Click on this link to…

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Top Ways Teachers and Service Providers can Support a Person with a Disability who is Coming Out LGBTQ

Thomas Caswell holding a microphone, in front of a chart, teaching a class

This resource is a handout. It provides ways to respond and be supportive to people with disabilities who are coming out as LGBTQ. There are also quotes from people with developmental disabilities about coming out.

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Advice for Someone with a Disability who Wants to Come Out or Explore their Sexuality

A picture of the author, Thomas Caswell.

This resource is a blog post written by Thomas Caswell. He gives advice to people with disabilities about coming out. He provides an action plan to come out. He tells his own story about coming out to friends and family.

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Equal Employment for Persons with Disabilities

The author, Max Barrows, talking at a podium with three other people. They are in front of a building with columns. Max has his hand in a fist and it is raised in the air.

This resource is a blog post. Max Barrows shares the importance of persons with disabilities having real jobs with real pay. He explains why sheltered workshops are bad. He lists myths about sheltered workshops and explains why they are not…

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Cooking and Gaining Independence

Kyle sitting on a stationary bike at a gym.

This resource is a blog post. Kyle Moriarty talks about how cooking has made him be more independent. He describes his history with cooking and lists his favorite meals to cook. Kyle says that cooking helps him to achieve his…

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Bullying is No Fun For Anyone

Red stop sign with the word "stop" next to the word "bullying". There is a green background.

This resource is a blog post. Maisie LaJeunesse explains that people with disabilities often experience bullying. She talks about the “R” word and why it is not okay to use it. She wishes for others to walk a day in…

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Are You Prepared?

List of emergency supplies when you're stuck at home

This resource is a blog post. Max Barrows talks about how to prepare for an emergency as a person with Autism. He lists the disasters that happen in the U.S. He shares resources that help prepare persons with disabilities for…

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