Youth Ambassadors

December 4, 2022
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Youth Ambassadors are young people with disabilities helping peers get the support they need to make decisions. These choices might be about where to work, how to spend money, or when to go to a doctor. We all need help making decisions. Sometimes people with disabilities need more or different kinds of support.

Youth Ambassadors are part of a Vermont team teaching people about supported decision-making and ways to avoid guardianship. Youth Ambassadors completed a class teaching youth about their rights and how to make decisions for themselves. They studied with The Center on Youth Voice, Youth Choice a national youth resource center on alternatives to guardianship. Each Vermont Youth Ambassador completed a project. They explored ways to get support to understand and make decisions.

Lehana Guyette made a video describing how she became her own payee for her SSI benefits. Click here to view the video.



Bella created a FlipBook for students with disabilities entering high school. It is about how things might be in the future in their lives. Click here to view the FlipBook.


Hasan Ko interviewed elders in his community. He wanted to learn how they lived their everyday lives and made decisions. Click here to get Hasan’s report.


Taylor Terry made a video describing ways to provide a person with the support they need and avoid using guardianship. Click here to view Taylor’s training video.

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